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Montessori Learning Educational Talking Flash Cards Autism Sensory Speech Therapy Kids Toy

Montessori Learning Educational Talking Flash Cards Autism Sensory Speech Therapy Kids Toy

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Get the Montessori Talking Flash Cards, a fun and interactive learning toy offering educational advantages to kids of all ages and abilities, including those with autism, sensory or speech therapy needs.

These Talking Flash Cards are perfect for teaching language and math basics. These interactive cards engage children to learn and improve cognitive and sensory skills. They feature a talking function that corrects pronunciation and helps improve language abilities, making it a fun and effective tool for parents, educators, and therapists.

Interesting Learning Experience with Talking Flashcards

These Talking Flash Cards bring the fun of preschool learning to your home with lifelike animal sounds, humorous and adorable images, and automatic pronunciation functions for proper speech. They are great for children with autism and those needing sensory speech therapy and can help children communicate better.


An Ideal Toddler Learning Toy for 2-6-Year-Olds

These colorful and interactive Talking Flash Cards are made from non-toxic materials and are perfect for children aged 2 to 6 years old. The toy comes in blue and pink, making it an ideal gift for birthdays and holidays. This tool provides an immersive and engaging learning experience that helps children develop essential language skills.

Better Eye Protection for Kids

These Flash Cards provide an interactive and eye-protective learning experience for children. It does not have a screen, and is a healthier alternative to mobile phones and tablets, helping to reduce children's screen time and promote better eyesight. The toy allows kids to enjoy learning without being exposed to harmful radiation.


Easy to Operate, Lightweight & Portable

The Talking Flash Cards Kids Toy is a portable and user-friendly device that's perfect for preschool learning. Its lightweight, compact design, and portable. The card reader is easy to use, with clear instructions for activating functions and inserting cards. It is made from safe and durable materials,  waterproof coating, and rounded corners, ensuring that children can use it safely.



Improves Memory and Speech

This interactive and engaging educational tool helps children learn language skills and sight words while also improving memory. With lifelike animal sounds and a repeat reading feature, kids can learn at their own pace and develop a robust vocabulary. The toy is made of safe and non-toxic materials, making it an effective learning tool.

224 Taking Flash Cards and a Reader

There are 112 cards that are doubled sided and provide a total of 224 contents and can produce sound through QR recognition, 56 items for animals, 25 items for transportation, 31 items for items, 21 items for food, 18 contents for fruits, 17 contents for vegetables, 16 contents of the clothing category, 10 contents of the nature category, 9 contents of a color category, 8 contents of a character category, 8 contents of occupational category, 5 contents of shape category, a reader, and a rechargeable battery.



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