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Montessori 4 Pack Magic Copybook Reusable Groove Writing Practice Education Books

Montessori 4 Pack Magic Copybook Reusable Groove Writing Practice Education Books

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Looking for a learning activity for your child that is practical, engaging, effective, and fun all in one?

Magic copybooks with unique designs and a special pen turn writing practice into an enjoyable activity for children, making it both fun and practical. With the ability to use them repeatedly, magic copybooks are an engaging alternative to traditional writing practice, offering an exciting and efficient way for kids to improve their writing skills.

Perfect Practice Copybooks for Early Education

The Magic copybook with its standardized writing format and three-dimensional groove makes it effective for enhancing fine motor skills, eye-hand coordination, cognitive function, and confidence. Whether you're a child or an adult, the Magic copybook is a versatile tool that can help you improve your writing, drawing, and math abilities.

Magical Reversible Function with Magic Ink

Children can trace letters, numbers, and images in the Magic Copybook using a magic pen. The text and image will fade in about 10 minutes and completely disappear in about 30 minutes, making it reusable. Automatic fading pens also allow children to practice calligraphy without worrying about making mistakes.



Comfortable Writing and Standard Writing Format

The magic copybooks feature a unique design that allows children to repeatedly practice and improve their handwriting and drawing skills using a standardized writing format. The pen grip aids in the comfortable and extended use of the magic pen while also correcting writing posture for improved beauty and sharpness of handwriting. This leads to increased self-confidence and writing abilities for children.

High-quality Material

The Magic Copybooks are constructed from top-quality materials and are thick, reliable, and pleasant-to-the-touch cardboard that is durable and resistant to staining. The pen Ink is made from plant pigments, and the pen grip made from 100% safe silica gel materials, provides added comfort and safety. Overall, these high-quality and safe tools are effective for children between 3 and 6 years old.




4-in-1 Magical Practice Copybook Set (7.48.5" x 5.12")

This 4 book set includes Math, Alphabet, Drawing, and Numbers, a pen holder, six Magic pen refills, and a soft grip pen aid. Featuring colorful graphics of letters, numbers, and drawings, they are designed with optimized grooves and shapes that enhance memory and motor skills. 

Overall, the Montessori 4 Pack Magic Copybook Reusable Groove Writing Practice Books are a great investment for parents and educators looking to help children develop their writing skills in a fun and engaging way. Educational and fun, this set makes a meaningful gift for kids who want to get excited about writing.

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