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2023 4-IN-1 Magic CopyBook

2023 4-IN-1 Magic CopyBook

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Looking for a kid-friendly single educational learning activity that offers practicality, engagement, effectiveness, and fun all in one? Look no further!

Writing practice can be a tedious task for kids, but not with Magic Groove Practice Copybooks. With their unique design and magic pen, these books turn writing practice into a fun and engaging activity. The reusable feature of these books makes writing practice efficient and practical.



Perfect Practice Copybooks for Early Education

The Magic Groove Practice Copybook with its standardized writing format and three-dimensional groove makes it effective for enhancing fine motor skills, eye-hand coordination, cognitive function, and confidence.



Larger Size (10.24" x 7.3") Magic Groove Practice Copybooks

Help your kids take their writing skills to the next level with these large Magic Groove Practice Copybooks that offer more writing and drawing space, with deeper grooves for providing Kids with a better learning experience.


Reusable Function

Our Magic Practice Copybook is a must-have for kids learning calligraphy. The magic ink pen automatically fades after several minutes of tracing the text and images. This reusable feature allows for repeated practice, ensuring your kids have ample opportunity to perfect their writing skills.


Rich and Colorful Content

  Designed with fun graphics, vivid colors, and cute shapes, they can help improve children's memory and interest in learning. This engaging design element brings lots of fun to the learning process. With our books, kids can enjoy learning while gaining valuable knowledge and skills.


High-Quality Groove Copybook

The 3-D groove design enhances the writing experience. The magic calligraphy paper is thick, durable, and resistant to smudging and staining, making it a comfortable and great tool for letter writing. The pen Ink is made from plant pigments, and the pen holder is made of silicone and is safe for children. 



4-in-1 Magical Practice Copybook Set

This 4-book set includes Math, Alphabet, Drawing, and Numbers, a pen holder, six Magic pen refills, and a soft grip pen aid. Featuring colorful graphics of letters, numbers, and drawings, they are designed with optimized grooves and shapes that enhance memory and motor skills. 


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